2011 Pie Crust

Two pies this year, one with lard and the other with vegetable shortening. I preferred the taste of the vegetable shortening version.

Bluemont Berries are In!

Wineberries have arrived in Bluemont. Ripe for picking - and eating! See below for more photos of this first crop of the season here in Bluemont.

Grandma Rose’s Wineberry Pie

Found this recipe online at the Farmer's Daughter blog. Looks great!

Wineberries at Farmers Market

We found this photo online -- it was taken at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market in Washington, DC. Some of my farmer friends have told me that they've offered wineberries at market but have not had too much interest ... probably due to the public being misinformed by Will Nicklin.

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